Measure Language usage

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We are considering using the Exchange Online Anti-Spam feature to block an entire language. That is obviously a fairly radical step to take, and I would like some idea of how much genuine traffic we might be receiving in this language. Is there any way to measure this?


If we implemented the defence, is there any way to see how many items it is detaining based on language alone? All of the possible actions are also used by other defences, so we cannot measure simply by the number of items appearing in the hosted quarantine.

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1. Create a new policy for language and use the “Add X-Header” action to stamp a custom value for messages matching this policy.
2. Create an ETR (transport rule) to quarantine all mails that have the custom header value.

The messages will get quarantined as expected, and you can run an extended message trace to identify messages that were quarantined by the ETR.
Boneyfrancis, I don't see a mail flow rule predicate or policy condition that will engage on language. All we appear to have is the spam filter's ability to mark selected languages as spam. That is an action, not a predicate or a condition. Are you referring to an option only possible in EXO PowerShell?