Managing Voice Mail Options for A Shared Mailbox

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Is there a way to allow users with Full Mailbox Access to a shared mailbox which has Unified Messaging enabled to manage the "Voice Mail / Call Answering Rules etc" options section in OWA?


They can manage their own just fine, but not for a shared mailbox ...


I know we can use PowerShell / EWS etc. but not found a way to allow via the web interface yet,

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If he has Full Access, he should be able to open the shared mailbox directly in OWA and access all the options:

Thanks Vasil,

That was my thoughts exactly ... but unfortunately the "Voice Mail" section is missing,

Neither account has a different OWA Policy to one another,

This isnt just for Shared Mailboxes, any other User mailbox which has UM enabled and I or someone else has FMA rights to cannot see the "Voice Mail" section in Options

Well bummer, I don't have UM enabled in my test tenant to play with this. What if you try the direct links, such as

Indeed ...


Same thing when using the direct links, it actually just takes you to the root of General because Voice Mail isnt present


As you can see not all "General" options are available when viewing the Options of a mailbox you have Full Mailbox Access to ...

Delegate OptionsDelegate OptionsMy OptionsMy Options

I'm guessing the "General" options have a lot of "My" settings that only can be called when logged in as the user ...

Yeah I did enable it in my tenant, but no luck getting to the settings so far. I'm not that experienced with UM anyway, so maybe open a support case to get an answer from MS?