Managed Store Limits in Exchange Server

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to bring up an issue that I have been facing recently and trying to resolve. It involves certain users who have multiple mailboxes attached. Throughout the day, these users encounter errors such as "server not connected" or "disconnected - folder not updated," while other users seem to be unaffected.

I have attempted various troubleshooting steps, including removing Outlook profiles and credentials, removing additional mailboxes and re-adding them, restarting the server, increasing the Throttling Policy, and adjusting the session limit for simultaneous MAPI connections. However, none of these solutions have provided a permanent fix.

Interestingly, when accessing Outlook Web App (OWA), everything appears to be functioning correctly, which has led me to suspect potential issues with the Managed Store Limits in the Exchange Server.

If anyone has any suggestions or insights regarding this matter, I would greatly appreciate your input.

by the way I am running Exchange server 2016 CU23.

Thank you.

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How do you add the additional mailbox ?

did you tried to grant the primary mailbox full access to the others mailboxes and configure automapping.




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Adding mailboxes using the provided credentials.

Delegating access is not beneficial as it will result in the PST file growing in size when additional mailboxes are added with mailbox delegation.