Mail to a distribution list should show up as being sent from that list instead of original sender

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I want to set up a distribution list on an Exchange Online system containing largely external email addresses (like 20 members or so). Members of this list should be able to send emails to it, but the recipients should see these mails as being sent from the distribution list - or - at least have the reply-to address set to the one of the distribution list. I want to avoid that people just hit reply and thereby only answer the sender instead of the whole group. How would I do that?




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External people cannot Send As a DG, you will have to either create accounts for them or use some sort of address rewrite (not available in ExO, so you're looking at adding some external system as part of the mail flow).

Thank you. Can I do some sort of 1:1 mail forwarding as a rule from the distribution list mailbox?

I dont think this will help in your scenario, the forwarded messages will not have the name of the DG as sender...

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you can try to set a shared mailbox instead of a DL and set a transport rule to forward the messages.