mail queue disaster recovery on Edge Transport

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Hi Guys

I've an interesting question regarding the mail.que in an edge transport server. Recently was tasked to recover some mail stuck in the mail.que on one of the edge transport servers from a domain that i do not access to. Following instructions from: 

Change the location of the queue database | Microsoft Docs

I extracted the following files:

• Mail.que
• Trn.chk

• Trn.log
• Trntmp.log
• Trn nnn.log
• Trnres00001.jrs
• Trnres00002.jrs

I then booted up my own dummy edge transport server on my own domain. However, even though when i run the cmdlet, 




i only receive the submission queue with no messages. There are no other queues.

I am confident that the mail.que has been mounted correctly and that the transport exchange service is reading from it. Also double checked to confirm that the mail.que database is not corrupted.


I have the following questions:

1. Can i view the mail.que from another domain if i mount it in my own domain?

2. Does the transport edge server have be connected to an internal mail server in order to show the queues?

3. Does my dummy transport edge server have to be the exact same CU version? Could this be the cause of the queues nit showing up?




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