Mail.que in 2016 fillup up quickly

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Mail.que in Exchange 2016 has been filling up very quickly, after increasing the space on the drive and setting safetynetholdtime to 1 day, it has improved, but not permanently resolved. While troubleshooting the Mail.que issue I was looking  and comparing configuration in my 2010 Exchange , and I see in 2010, in the event log this event :  


EventId: 7006

Components:  Information

Scheduled online defragmentation will start for database %1. The database has %2 free bytes.

This runs at 1:00am each day and for the mail.que database in 2010.


I could not find any similar event on 2016 Exchange.

The article on MS doc  says :


Value: True
Enables or disables scheduled online defragmentation of the mail queue database.
By default, this key doesn't exist in the EdgeTransport.exe.config file.


In my 2016 Exchange, on the EdgeTransport.exe.config file this key is missing as MS says it doesn't exist by default, but also comparing it to my Exchange 2010 EdgeTransport.exe.config file, the key is also not there, but I don't understand how that event is scheduled daily , doing some maint to the mail queue database and I don't have mail que issues on my 2010 .


Did anyone had to manually add this key in edgetransport.exe.config file, did it work? could you shed some light, any idea why we have to manually add it if it is necessary?, and why it's not added by MS by default?

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