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[Case #:1024627311] - Microsoft Support


I am using Outlook 365 and my mail is hosted on the Microsoft 365 Cloud but increasing numbers of my outgoing mail are going straight to the recipients spam/junk folders and the problem is getting worse. My partner who is also using Outlook 365 has exactly the same problem. We both use MacBook Pro but it still happens with our email accounts even if we use our iPhones or iPad. 


We are using Outlook for Mac version 16.43 on Microsoft Exchange and our mail is hosted on Microsoft 365 Cloud.  We purchased the domain name:  14 years ago from and for all that time there has been no spam problem with it. I contacted a few days ago to ask if our domain name had suddenly blacklisted somewhere and they ran a check and said it was clean. 


People we have been emailing for years without any problem are reporting our email now goes to their spam and even when they mark it as "not spam" it does not stop the problem. There is no pattern to the email addresses that are having the problem with our email but the problem appears to be getting worse. They are a pretty diverse list, from personal emails, customized domains and gmails. We never send out bulk emails or do mass mailing. The only pattern I see is that once a recipient expereince our mail going to spam that is what happens to every mail we send after that.


I have attached a very small sample of my original outgoing email to the some of the affected addresses. All feedback from your selves would be very welcome.

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