mail flow rule exception any recipient not completely working

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I've create this rule to capture all messages sent outside of the organization and put it in a shared mailbox and in a second phase an azure function with microsoftgraph take the message and forward to the same recipients and put in BCC

the two exceptions are for send email messages outside without being processed and redirect in mail-out.

the system is working but with a large number of recipients the exception does not work and the message is reprocessed and create a loop
has anyone some clue to investigate this behaviour and a workaround?
obiuvsly we insert a function to split the email message when you have more than 15 recipient in many email messages but its not so elegant...thank you in ADV




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As with the other thread - BCC is a special case. One thing you can improve in the rule is to change the "match" criteria to Header or envelope, but that will hardly solve all issues. It seems to me you are trying to do something akin to journaling, although with a somewhat different purpose, which generally speaking is not a supported scenario for O365, unless you "journal" to an external mailbox.