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Hi All, 

we are trying to move some local mailbox moves from one exchange 2016 db to another. We can see that the move request created 16 hours back haven't started syncing and still in Que state. 

when i take stats with -IncludeReport i get the below message. 


Setting up ISInteg repair run up front for this mailbox since it's a large mailbox. "Primary mailbox size = 38817545084, Archive mailbox size = 0, Large mailbox size threshold config
value = 10737418240


Mailbox size varies from 5 GB to 20 GB and that should be ok as were doing maintenance every week and was able to move some Mailbox  with 30 GB  before this migration batch. Let us know with you suggestions. 





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The report doesn't mention other information as well? Sounds like the move is not picked up for some reason. Run the following to check the MRS status:
Get-MailboxServer | Test-MRSHealth

Hello Michel, We can see the service is ok. The one which is having the Error is our Exchange 2010 server which is only used for some restore/ Our production box are ok . The only difference is that last week last week these mailboxes were moved from one DB to another and during that time move requests filled like 400 GB of log files which made the DB to dismount. We enabled circular logging and remove the spaces. Now the DB is back on track hence moving these mailboxes.