Limits for maximum addresses in the IPListBlocked when using set-organizationconfig in EXO

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Looking for a maximum number of entries in the IPListBlocked value when using the Set-OrganizationConfig -IPListBlocked parameter in Exchange Online

I have about 5000 IP CIDR's that I intend to block and cannot locate any documentation on the max entries for this..

When I try to add using PS I get an error:

The administrative limit for this request was exceeded.

Wondering if there is a max limit for "MultiValuedProperty" in EXO..

as always appreciate your inputs.



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I havent seen any public documentation that mentions these limits, I sugges you open a support case to get a proper answer. Do post back if you get it please :)

This article is probably helpful:

Attempted to do this today using a public blacklist as the source material (~5k entries) and found that i could only get the first 1176 entries into IPListBlocked in EXO.


ymmv depending on the size of the Ips you want to add.