Journaling and longterm storage

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I searched a bit but having trouble finding the answer regarding the best way of storing old yearly journaling mailbox and/or databases.

Let say i have my journaling_mailbox in a journaling_database that receives all the traffic.

How those that use journaling manage the ever expand growth ?

Of course my databases and backed up follows proper procedures but i would like to have the contents of previous year in a database that i could dismount and move somewhere, so the new year have only its content in a new database.


Does this make sense ?


Should i just create a new journal2020_mailbox and put in a new journal2020_database ?



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Yes.  Make new JRNL mailboxes and cut the rule over to the new recipient on an annual basis.

If you decide to make a new DB to host that jrnl mailbox, that's fine.  That's an organizational decision.

What you do with "old data" depends on the requirements for that mailbox to be online and searchable.

thanks, your post gives me peace of mind about my procedure.
cheers mate. :)