Journal Email Directly to Office 365 using Retention Policy

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Leadership was pitched that by going to an A5 license we can ditch our current Journal Provider and use Office 365 Security & Compliance Retention/ediscovery as the primary means of journaling email. 



  • Has anyone successfully migrated to Office 365 Security & Compliance Retention for all their journaling?
    • If so:
      • Pros
      • Cons
      • Any tips.


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Hi @Larry Jones 


this sounds interesting. Additonal question: Can you upload current data from external providers during migration?

We are using Mailstore and face problems catching all mail due to dkim / dmarc.






Sorry for not responding sooner... apparently the my RSS feed for this thread is broken..


Yes you can upload pst files using the information that's found Data Governance --> Import within Security and Compliance; however, you can't use upload one massive pst file with everyone's email. You'll have to create a separate pst file for each user and upload those files using instruction outline in Data Governance -> Import. Since were a partner with Microsoft, and that I support over 250K users this process not feasible. So Microsoft looking to develop a process that will allow to upload pst file containing all emails, just don't know when this would be available.


Hope this help