Java API to modify room delegate members on exchange

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Hello All


First of all, thank you for the replies. I am a newbie to this Exchange/Office 365 and work in IDM field. What we are trying to do is : Using Java API, we want to connect to Exchange/Outlook365 and modify room delegate members.


In PS script, I know that it is done using 'set-CalendarProcessing' command, but want to do it using Java.


Can anyone help pls?

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You're better off using the EWS managed API:

Thank You for the email.


The exchange version supported by EWS are in house deployed exchange servers only. But in our case, we are using cloud supported Outlook exchange (Got this from internet don't know if it is right?).


and also got info from that support for EWS will be deprecated soon.


Please let me know if I am assuming wrong.

No, it's not for in-house Exchange deployments only, works fine with Office 365 as well. And deprecation will not happen anytime soon, what they say in the article is that EWS will not receive any new feature updates. It's still more feature-rich than anything the Graph has to offer.