Issues with recipients opening Secured emails

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Good Afternoon, 

We have users whose mailboxes are hosted at Exchange Online sending secure emails and the recipients are unable to open them in Outlook. They get prompted for credentials, but then they get the attached error message.  Seems to work fine for them when they do Private Browser window accessing webmail in Edge. 


Example: Secure email sent 




When recipient looks at permissions on the Outlook App for the secure mail, it says that it is using the as the credentials to view the content.  Rather than using the recipient credentials.

Outlook does not give us this information.


look at rule in Exchange Console, it shows that our encryption rule is using a Custom RMS Template, I am not sure where to look for that, or if that ties into the overall problem. 


We are just trying to figure out if this the source of the issue and if so how do we correct it.


Thank You


Brian Dougherty



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