Issues with @Mentions in Outlook

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Having strange issues with users on Exchange Online and ProPlus:


1. When on the Company PC and using Outlook ProPlus when I use @mentions it displays users twice, once their main SMTP address and 2nd with their address. (If users have more aliases then they are all displayed). @Mentions should only display the Primary SMTP Address, I thought? It does on my test environment. 

Any ideas how to stop this?


2. I thought it may be linked to ProPlus version, but I can't upgrade the current Laptop as SCCM controlled. So setup on a VM with latest version of ProPlus BUT @mentions is now only displaying my recipient cache and not the GAL. (Tried on 2 different PCs). So not sure what I'm doing wrong and why  @mentions will not check GAL. Tried Online Mode and Cache.


Thought I bring it to the big brain...

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