Issues setting up Outlook on Android

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Hey guys,


I'm trying to set up a work email address on a Samsung Note 20 that I was given. I have the existing email on my work computer and it set up with MS exchange, this email was connected to my previous phone without any problems.


I am able to connect the email through MS exchange by entering in the username & password, doing the 2 step verification but it goes to a server where I have no emails on it. When I send a test email, it shows that it's coming from an email like this:


extremely long and mixed numbers/letters at and not like a company email address as you would expect.


Any ideas why?


I've been able to connect a secondary email address the same way onto the new phone without any dramas but this is only a secondary email address which isn't used as often. I took down the previous email credentials, server info etc from my old phone and tried to manually set up the email address but it wouldn't connect.

Can someone help? It's frustrating me....!

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