Is Office 365 ATP Dynamic Delivery option working with on-premise exchange server?

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I was working on one of our customers requirments and has been asked if we can provide Office 365 ATP to Exchange 2013 on-premise?


The customer is already purchased Exchaneg Online Protection and the ATP licenses and he did all the needed routing to EOP so all email are now being scanned by EOP and his ask right now is as follow:


- Can we enable safe links and safe atacjement especially the dynamic delivery option to on-premise mailboxex?


Appreciate your support.




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You can use *some* of the features ATP offers with on-prem Exchange, dynamic delivery is not one of them however.

Thanks for the prompt response.


Thats mean that if we are working on hybird environment so by moving the mailbox to office 365 and apply the ATP dynamic delivery policy, so it will work? right?


on another hand, would you please share all the features that support on prmises scenario?

Yes, that would work. Create two policies, one for on premises (without dynamic delivery) and one for cloud (with dynamic delivery). Policies rules are to apply the cloud policy for members of a group that you populate once you move the mailbox to EXO. Other (second policy in order), apply to all users. First policy will apply to cloud mailboxes.

Once all users in cloud remove first policy, and the group if now not needed, and enable dynamic delivery for that policy