Is it safe to install CU updates in Exchange 2013 Multi-Tenant environment?

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I'm new to managing a Multi-Tenant environment created on exchange 2013.


I would like to know if it should be a problem to install cu updates in a Multi-Tenant setup?


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It will depend on your environment.  For example, it could depend on what you are using to manage provisioning of exchange objects if you are not using the native exchange tools.


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Hi, Thank you for your time to reply

All tenant and user management are handles by powershell scripts.

I tried to find info on CU Update in a multi-tenant environment, but could not find any help.

Should i understand your answer like this, that i risk that the powershell scripts may not work after an update, but the exchange installation itself is safe to update.



If you are using native exchange commands to provision users in your environment then I would summarize by saying the risk is the same risk as you have in single tenant organizations.