Is it possible to tally usage by email address including aliases for incoming email?

Chris Parker

Over the years we've accumulated five domains that all act as email aliases. Meaning, every user as at least five email addresses:,, etc.


I'd like to know if I can report on the usage of each of the individual email addresses vs just reporting on the user in aggregate.


Just in case I'm not being clear, I don't want to know that I received 100 emails last month, I want to know that I received 75 to and 20 to and 5 to


Ultimately, I'm trying to find out which domain(s) is used least so I can begin planning to remove it.

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You should be able to gather some info from the message trace logs, however parsing those will be tricky. You can only get them for a limited days and you will have multiple entries for each message sent to an alias (i.e. you will have another entry that corresponds to the "resolved" recipient).


Here's an example script to get you started:


Probably some 3rd party reporting tools can help.




From what I know, there is no prebuilt report for what you want to do, but I think you can still obtain the info you need with a bit more work. I think you can run something like this in PowerShell and obtain pretty much all you might need:


Get-MessageTrace -RecipientAddress *@alias_domain -StartDate (Get-Date).AddDays(-30) -EndDate (Get-Date) -pagesize 5000 |

Select-Object Received, SenderAddress, RecipientAddress, Subject, Status, ToIP, FromIP, Size, MessageID, MessageTraceID  | Out-GridView


or simply


(Get-MessageTrace -RecipientAddress *@alias_domain -StartDate (Get-Date).AddDays(-30) -EndDate (Get-Date) -pagesize 5000).count



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