Is it possible to install an Exchange CU using remote desktop via VPN?

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Like most people I am working from home at the moment.

I need to install Exchange 2016 CU16 on our Exchange 2016 CU15 server. Is it possible to do this remotely using RDP via VPN? The CU16 files are stored and ready on the Exchange server. I can access the server and can sign in with the required credentials etc. I normally do CU updates by actually signing in at the server. I am just worried about permissions etc. if I do it remotely. I guess I can wait as CU15 (our current version) is OK for a hybrid environment. I could go in to the office but it is a 100 mile round trip!

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Hi @sjhudson 


Yes, it is possible. Provided you sign in with an account that has the correct permissions, it will install. It won't mind if the user is on console or RDP.


That said, there is an inherent risk having the RDP connection knocked out and not establishing meaning you are locked out of the server. If there is a blue screen or issues with the NIC's config during installation and it stops the computer responding to RDP, then you may not be able to reach the server. I always do remote installs where I know and test access to the server via Hyper V/vSphere or iDrac/iLO so if there is a problem I don't have to physically be on site to fi it.

To reinforce @HidMov's answer: I have done almost all of my Exchange 2010 and 2016 CUs remotely using a VPN connection. If your servers are virtualized, you can use the hypervisor's console instead of RDP, which gives you extra flexibility and visibility if any issues do occur. Good luck!