is email item retention age reset after recovering the emails from Recoverable items folder in EXO ?

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Suppose an email is 2yrs old and now as per M365 Retention compliance policy ( 2Yrs keep and delete) it was deleted by MRM. the email moved to the Deletions folder in the Recoverable items folder.

Now if a user recover the email from Deletions, I assume the email will be deleted again once MRM runs again. Again the user recovers the email from deletions.


How long can this go ? MRM removing the email and user recovering the email from deletions ?


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It will continue until a different tag comes into play. This can be a personal tag that you've made available to the users, or a folder-specific one if the message is moved to certain folder. If only a Default tags is in play, the item will continue to be deleted - otherwise the use effectively overwrites the default tag, which is not the intended behaviour.
Thanks for responding Vasil.
We only have M365 Retention compliance policy. 2Yrs Keep and Delete. No Personal Tags in MRM, just one Default tag to move emails to Archive.

The policy is moving emails older than 2 yrs to Deletions Folder and the user is recovering those mails from there. We ran MRM again and the email went to Deletions Recoverable items folder again.
Now user can recover the email again from Deletions. My query is will this go on in circle forever ? OR will the email expire after 30days ( RetainDeletedItemsfor Value ).
So does this 30days period reset after the email is recovered back from Deletions folder ?
So user is recovering the email and then MRM again moving them to Deletions folder. this keeps on going until 30days ( from the date when email expired ) and then it will be permanently purged ?