Is calendar data encrypted on the server? How to use EAS to synchronize encrypted data?

Ken Huang
Occasional Visitor

I think the calendar content data saved on the exchange server is encrypted. Is it correct? Then why we can use Exchange ActiveSync(EAS) to search for calendar data? To return the result of a search, the server needs to read the content of each calendar item, which only clients can decrypt because only they own the key.

Similarly, if the data is encrypted on the server, then why EAS returns plain text calendar data?

Data on the exchange server is actually not encrypted???


Also, to add a calendar item on the server, I don't see how I can encrypt the data in the wbxml before sending.



Note that I am not talking about communication encryption. Thanks


(The document of this search command is as follows:

[http://interoperability.blob.core.windows.net/files/MS-ASCAL/[MS-ASCAL].pdf Searching for Calendar Data

http://interoperability.blob.core.windows.net/files/MS-ASCMD/[MS-ASCMD].pdf Search])

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