Internal mails get sent to primary smtp instead of alias

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Hey there,


in our company we have a service mailbox (user mailbox) with several aliases for different top level domains.


Before they were all separate mail boxes with different mail rules, but for simplicity and management we merged they all on the main (.com) domain and combined the mail/forwarding rules.


Now we have the issue that internal mails sent/forwarded to the alias domains, automatically get resolved and sent to the primary SMTP address and therefore the mail rules don't get triggered.

Alias also won't show in the mail header.


We have already deleted all offline address books(OAB), enforced the use of the GAL (via client and registry) and cleared all caches.


Also, not all internal mail accounts are affected, since this usually happens with accounts which are in the delegation of the service mailbox (via security group) yet not all of them are affected.


Any suggestions?




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That is expected and by design. If you look at a message Trace you will see the Resolve Event, that does exaclty that.
okay I got that, but is there a way around it? Like forcing the address resolution to choose the alias?
not likely it will eventually delivered to primary email address instead of alias
there is no problem if they are delivered to the primary addresse, but if the alias is not given in the header, because the OL rules won't get triggered.

Also not all accounts in the delegation ar affected. Some ar, others are not and it seems rather random.