Internal Emails get looped between two Exchange 2019 servers

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Hi all,


I have two new installed exchange 2019 (SVR01 & SVR02) servers coexisted with Exchnage 2013. I sent an email from a user mailbox to a shared mailbox both hosted on SVR01. however when analysing the header, the following happens:


SVR01 send a request to SVR02

SVR02 send a respond back to SVR01


Why would SVR01 (the host of two parties) send a query to SVR02 when it's got the mailboxes?


Hope all that makes sense.



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Hey there! Are the messages received in the end or does an NDR with the "possible mail loop" get generated?

Have you ran the Get-MessageTrackingLog to analyze the SMTP flow for this specific email a bit more in depth?
It could either be that the send/receive connectors are wrongly configured. Or this could simply just be the Shadow redundancy that is causing "issues"

But I would suggest looking into Get-MessageTrackingLog to find out a bit more, feel free to post the results here and we can look into it a bit more together :)