internal anonymous mailbox mails received with external warning banner

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anonymous mailbox use to automate mail generation and it's identified as external mail from Exchange Transport rule internal domain emails and it's received with external warning banner it's there any solution to resolve the issue or remedial process 


Thank you


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Just modify the rule - add an exception.
without adding exception we can't resolved the because there are serval system automate mail generation mailboxes
Sorry I do not understand. Could you rephrase?
Without adding an exception we can resolve the issue it's there any other method or option to fix the issue. Because we have several anonymous mailboxes available.
Create a group and add all anonymous mailboxes there. Use this group in exception.
this won't work on our concerns
Why? You cannot create a group or what?
because there is a security concerns because we are kind bypassing the issue.
How to add anonymous mailboxes to group?
The same way as a regular one.
I try the regular we can't add that why request the support
Show a screenshot that illustrates the problem.

@Victor Ivanidze it's show only add box no check name box showing.



Did you show the screenshot from the Exchange Admin Center ( ?

No. Show "Add members" pane.

Sorry I should have been more clear earlier.
Use a distribution list, not a security group.
oh ok let me try that thank you