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Hi All,

Many thanks in advance, our organization is in hybrid setup with Office365, and we have to now initiate a new federation with a different organization whose infra is completely in Office365 and do not have any onprem exchange environment.

Now, my question is, do i have to run the New-Organizationrelationship cmdlet in Onprem exchange Infra or in the cloud?

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In both, as you have to cover all the scenarios listed here:
Hi @VasilMichev,
Thanks for the link, will it be the same even if our tenant is a dedicated tenant?
If there is a Hybrid involved on any side, you need to cover all the individual orgs (on-prem and O365 count as separate ones).
Thanks, that was a great suggestion @VasilMichev, just one last question, do we still have to create mail contacts or MEUs for the users of target organization in order to see Free/Busy of them?
No, you just enter their address when needed, and free/busy will be fetched.

Ok, that's great @VasilMichev , i was able to create Org relationship successfully in cloud using the cmdlet:

Get-FederationInformation -DomainName | New-OrganizationRelationship -Name “Our org to targetorg" -FreeBusyAccessEnabled $true -FreeBusyAccessLevel LimitedDetails

but however, i am getting an error when i run the command in our onprem Exchange:

get-federationname -domainname
Federation information could not be received from the external organization.

But, i was able to add the domain successfully under the organizationrelationship that was set for our onprem org to Office365 in onprem Exchange.

We are able to see their Free/Busy successfully of the targetorg users, but they are not able to see our Free/Busy

Did you create org relationships for both on-prem and cloud environments? Again, in Hybrid you need to do both, and the other side needs to create two as well.
The target domain is cloud only org, they do not have hybrid, it us who are having hybrid, and i was able to succesfully create an Org relationship with target domain in cloud, but in on-prem i am not able to do that.

I was however able to add that target domain in our existing org relationship that we have from onprem to our cloud tenant. Thanks @VasilMichev for guiding me here.
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