Installing a pre-existing wildcard SSL certificate on Exchange 2013

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I have an Exchange 2013 server running on Windows Server 2012 R2.  I am trying to figure out what steps I need to take in order to install a wildcard SSL certificate that already exists.  This wildcard certificate is currently being used off-site for our websites, and I would also like to use it for our Exchange server which is on-site.  Everything I have read so far assumes one does not have a pre-existing certificate and is therefore not much help to me.  Can anyone assist me in this?  Thanks!

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Hello @Robert Adsit,


The process is fairly similar, although you typically dont use a GUI like you may with a fresh one.


You in essence need to go backup/copy the cert from the server its stored on currently, and move it over to reside on your 2013 server.


This article walks through step by step well -


It assumes you are moving from one exchange server to another, but the process is the same even if the origination is not an exchange system.


Once the cert is imported, you need to go into the exchange management console and ensure you assign the different services/protocols to it. To do that, you can look at the second half of this article -


Hope this helps!