Incorrect DNS records


dns error.PNGinvalid entries.PNGMX RECORDS.PNG

Hi guys, I  did a health check on my domain and got the above error message.

I sent the records to my dns and the confirmed they did.

When I do mx lookup with mx toolbox for this domain( i see that the records are okay but when i do doamin health check i get the error above.


anyone with a solution?

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Hi @hemdan875,


I have done the check also and according the DNS record is ok. I tested with some of DNS's. Or you wait sometime to DNS replicate, because the TTL of the record could affect the response from the test page. Or you need to open a ticket on the Office 365 portal.


Best regards,


Nuno Árias Silva 

hello Nuno I will follow up with a ticket@Nuno Silva