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when a mailbox have been soft deleted and is listed under disconnected mailboxes it will be retained for 30 days by default. I remember it was possible to change this value to more or unlimited.

Does anyone remember the correct command so it affect all current and future inactive/disconnected mailboxes?


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Not 100% sure this applies to Exchange Online but in on-prem this is set in the database properties as in the following


Set-MailboxDatabase <DatabaseName> -MailboxRetention <TimeSpan>


MS Described the Mailbox retention as follows:

The MailboxRetention parameter specifies the length of time to keep deleted mailboxes before they are permanently deleted or purged.

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Hi @William Perry and @Off2w0rk,


The retention of an deleted mailbox on Exchange online is only 30 day by design.


You do not have the option to change it and you do not have access to databases.


But, you have the option to Put an In-Place Hold on a soft-deleted mailbox in Exchange Online, please read more here


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