Implement Microsoft Defender for office365 for exchange on premises server

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Dear All, 


we want to implement MDO for our exchange server and would like to know if this is feasible. 


current environment: 

hybrid environment with centralized mail flow towards exchange server 2016. 80% user are on premise and 20% cloud mailboxes. MX record are pointing to on premise should be flow through on premise. 


If MDO need to be apply, only was is to point the mx record to office365 for EOP right. is there any other options for safe link and safe attachment policy to apply on premise mailboxes. 


Thank you all 

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since you have the hybrid config in place between your Exchange on premises and you EXO and your MX record is pointing to O365 EOP then your eligible to apply the threat policies to your on-premises mailboxes and that the only way of doing this. make sure you have the appropriate license like Office 365 Plan 2 or the Microsoft 365 E5 plan so you can protect your on-premises mailboxes using EOP