Images as attachment without file extension

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Hi all,


let me introduce the scenario.
We are using sharepoint online and when someone open file (powerpoint for example) and mentions someone using "@" an email will arrive to the mailbox of the user who has been mentioned. 
The problem is that the arrived email contaion all the images as attachment and withnout the file extesion, once you download the file and simply rename it with the file extension .PNG it shows the actual image. 
It conatint every part of the email: logo of the person, images in the signature, button image etc...  
Also it seems that this is not happening to all users, but only to some. What could be the cause?  Thanks in advance.

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Just to exclude the possibility of some add-in interfering, check with OWA. To me it looks like issue with the way the message has been generated, so best open a support case and report this.

Hi  @Vasil Michev ,


OWA behaviour is the same, no add-in is in place.