Hybrid Modern Agent

Steel Contributor

A customer of mine is having issues installing the Hybrid Agent in their environment. Their network is such that they are unable to provide open access to the internet from the server we wish to install the hybrid agent on. Microsoft support are not very helpful with the full list of IPs that need to be opened to do the install (firewall in this environment can only have IP ranges opened, not URLs). They have a proxy, but all the information points to the fact that the initial install of the agent needs open access to the internet before the proxy can be configured.

The customer has proposed putting the hybrid agent server in the DMZ. This blog mentions putting the server in the DMZ, but I would like to see details on how this is done. The issue I see is that the HCW itself needs to be run on a domain joined machine, which is not ideal for a DMZ server.

If anyone can provide some insights on how to install the hybrid agent on a DMZ server, that would be great.

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