Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) 17.0.8347.0 Free/Busy Error

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We're running the HCW (v. 17.0.8347.0) to update our certificate and getting an error during the free/busy portion.  It completes the on-prem command fine, however when it attempts to do the tenant command it fails:

HCW0 - Powershell failed to invoke 'Set-OrganizationRelationship': A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'TargetSharingEpr'.

The command it's trying to run (with our info omitted) is:

Set-OrganizationRelationship -TargetSharingEpr $null -TargetOwaURL <ourURL> -Identity <our Identity>

I checked, and the on-prem Exchange commandlet for Set-OrganizationRelationship does have that parameter, however when you connect to Exchange-Online it does not, which is where I think this is failing.

According to the logs the "OnPremises" Session runs without issue, but the "Tenant" Session is what is failing.

We didn't get this in a previous version of the HCW, is there a chance that this part of the Powershell code was updated by mistake?  Is there a way to tell it to skip this command especially since it's not actually going to be making a change?

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Looks like this was due to an issue with Exchange Online role permissions. Something must have changed recently to cause this.

@I_tried Hello, do you know which roll permission was needed to get this to work for you? I am running into the same situation and everything I have found elsewhere has not worked. 


As there are over ~60ish roles available and we were in a time crunch, we opted to create a new role in the Exchange Admin Center that included basically every role available. We then added a Global Admin to said role temporarily so they could run the HCW and once that was complete we removed them from that new role.

I know that doesn't help identify the specific role for this particular task, but we just needed to get it done and we felt granting it temporarily was of low risk permission wise.
Makes sense, Thank you for responding