How to set up a server rule to reply to an inbound message to the sender's "Reply-to" address?

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I'm using Office 365 Outlook on the desktop and connecting to Exchange on the backside. I've been trying to set up a rule (using the Rules in outlook) that will have the Exchange server automatically reply to inbound messages with specific wording in the Subj: line.  The email messages in question are being sent to me from my website in response to visitors requesting access to specific collateral samples.  The reply I want Exchange to send provides a message with a URL the visitor can use to access the collateral.


I can set up the rule and create the template for the message to be sent as the body of the reply; tha'ts all easy. But Exchange seems to send the reply to the From: address, not the reply-to: address associated with each inbound message.  Because the inbound messages are generated by a form from my website hosting firm, the From: address is going to look like this:  <>


However, the Reply-to: address  embedded in the email message always looks like this: <>


If I hit "reply" to one of these inbound messages from within Outlook, Outlook addresses the reply (correctly) to, but when the server automatically sends the reply it addresses the reply to, which is not where it's expected to go.  


Is there a way to change a setting in Exchange so that the server will use the Reply-to address instead of the From address? Or is there some kind of system alias I could use in To: line of the message template (e.g., "%reply-to-addressee%") that would ensure that it goes to the person who has requested the information? This seems like a serious oversight in Exchange, if not an outright bug.


Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!


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No such setting afaik, you will have to code a custom solution...

I believe that's possible to create a Flow procedure that will implement this functionality.