How to run Exchage PowerShell - Exchange Online

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Simple question I am working at a company that uses Exchange online ( they call it Cloud Based - O365 which is the same thing I think).


I am logged into


But not sure where to run Exchange PowerShell form any ideas?

I can see Azure Cloud Shell but I don't want to use that as we don't have a storage mounted.

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Follow the following Module to download and install ExchangeOnlineManagement

then use the cmdlet connect-exchangeonline



  • Start the Windows PowerShell console with "Run as administrator" privilege.
  • Run the following command to install the Exchange Online Management powershell module. This is one time work.


Install-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement





  • Now, you can run the required Exchange commands to work with your Exchange service. 


Get-Mailbox # List mailboxes

Get-EXOMailbox # List mailboxes using V2 module script. Provide faster output. 


@Kevin MorganHi Kevin thanks but let me stop you right after "Start the Windows " I am running MacOS

also is there a way I can create a test envioment ? I currently personally use Exchange Online (Plan 1) can I use that?



Are you asking for Exchange Online (Microsoft 365) Test environment ?. If so, follow the below steps.


  • Go to the Customer Digital Experiences (CDX) site.
  • Navigate to My Environments.
  • Under My Tenants, on the right-side, click Create Tenant button.
  • Choose the required Tenant type, location, content type and proceed to create a new demo or trial tenant.


@Kevin Morgan 


I already have Exchange 1 - 365 plan so I was then able to install PowerShell on my Macbook and conntact to Exchange Online. Brilliant thanks alot!