How to remove Exchange Mgmt. Tools and re-install them?

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I have a single Exchange 2016 server (CU 23) that in a hybrid configuration with M365. Something has happened and now I can't use Exchange Mgmt. Shell on the Exchanger Server.


("CannotConnect,PSSessionOpenFailed" is the ultimate error I see in the PS window when I launch it)


As a work-around I install the mgmt tools on another server (non-Exchange) and am successful in connecting to the exchange server with Exchange mgmt shell remotely. I would like to remove and reinstall the management tools on the server to try and resolve this issue. Presently, I'm not getting good backups so this is rather important. (my backup SW needs to connect to exchange server via PowerShell) 


When I launch the CU 23 setup process the option to remove management tools is greyed out. (coincidentally so is the option to install Edge transport role which isn't installed)


What is the best course of action to attempt to remove and reinstall the exchange management tools? 

Since this is a hybrid setup I'm a bit concerned about doing anything that could break it. 


Since this is a VM in Azure, I could deploy a second Exchange Server and move all the mailboxes to that server so I could at least get good backups of the mailboxes. Not ideal, but an option. 





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