How to pull email traffic analytics from Exchange Online

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Hi Team,

I have request to extract monthly traffic report from Exchange Online on our tennant with data for top domains we interact with like, etc.

Is it possible to have that data?

I tried Outbound and Inbound mail flow reports from Exchange and Security from portal and even from PowerShell, but reports and PowerShell functions don't have source data I need for such report.

Anybody can give me some idea how to do this?


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Microsoft has been making some changes in that space, deprecating cmdlets and reports we've had previously available and unfortunately the suggested replacements aren't always as straightforward. Your best bet is probably the data from the Get-MailDetailATPReport cmdlet, or you can try periodically capturing details for each message sent/received via Get-MessagerTrace.

Thanks for suggestion @Vasil Michev, I have already tried some pwsh commands, but I can´t access the data set that will allow me to generate monthly volume reports arranged by mail domains.