how to minimize downtime for mail service in hybrid migration from exchange server 2016 to O365

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We have migrated around 800 mailboxes from exchange 2016 to O365. Our process consists in create a batch every night and the next day everything is migrated. But now we have to migrate VIP mailboxes with sizes bigger than 20gb. Users can't lose mail access how can I scheduled?

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Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question, but when you create a migration batch, you have the option to only stage the mailbox. This way the mailbox is synced ahead of time, but doesn't cutover until you actually hit the button to complete the task. The completion doesn't take long, since the mailboxes have already been staged.
Hello Charles. I’m completely agree With you. This words are needed to Hear. This is what I thought but my boss didnt understand IT. Now it’s clarified.

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