How to give option to allow or disable reply All

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Hi All, 


Is it possible to give the option for user to be able to have reply all in their emails? So they can choose to allow it or disable it. I found that IRM has something to do with it? But I cant find how to enable this!


Please help!

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That's for protected/encrypted messages only, and might give the other party trouble when viewing the messages. That said, you don't need to enable anything to have Reply All available, everyone can use it by default. The requests are usually to disable it, and you can do that by "hiding" the corresponding button in Outlook. Basically method #4 here:

Hi @Vasil Michev ,


Can you hide 'reply all' for exchange online too? As some use the web version of office 365 outlook rather then the app.


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Nope, it's a web app, we don't have much control there.

Hi @Vasil Michev ,


So no rule or anything can be made? By using IRM encrypt does it for new composed emails if you click the template I was able to set up. We are based solely online we don't have an on premise exchange sever. 


Reply all on messages can cause users to accidentally click it instead of Reply which causes complications with others in the reply all email who accidentally receive a email response when they shouldn't have.  


Would it be best to put it on a UserVoice vote for Microsoft to set up disable function of reply all on outlook web?



You're always welcome to put it on UserVoice.