How to delete unwanted Contacts from Outlook Web App


I have an Office 365 E5 without Audio Conferencing license assigned to my account. I primarily work from Outlook Web App.


When I open the "People" pane within Outlook Web App and look into the "Your contacts" list which I mainly use for managing my contacts I see a lot of old contacts that I cannot seem to delete.

All of them are people I had previously worked with but I have no idea how they came up there.

There is no delete button for this Contact, there are only "Add to..." buttons

2021-06-29 16_59_27-Window.png

I want to get rid of these so-called contacts which I do not use, but how? And how did they came up there?


Interesting is that (a) there are real Contacts in this list, which I can remove, and (b) these fake so-called contacts do not show up in the Outlook desktop client.

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You seem to get the UI for the "other contacts folder" experience, not sure why though. What happens if you press the "Add to contacts" button? And have you tried to delete them via Outlook (desktop)?
When I click “Add to contacts”, it creates a duplicated entry in the “Your contacts” list. So the original entry as shown in the picture remains there.

When I look at the Outlook desktop client, the contacts which I cannot delete, are not even shown. Only in Outlook Web App. This is where I use my email.
Looks like some issue with OWA to me, but I'm not able to reproduce it on my end. Best open a support case.
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@Vasil Michev,

I did create a support ticket but it was like the Engineer saw Outlook for the first time.

I ended up asking a co-worker and he pointed me to the 'Suggested contacts' folder in Outlook desktop app (Folders pane). I deleted all the records in that folder and that resolved the 'issue'.