how to create share calendar share for all employee on deparment ?

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   I want create one share calendar and assign some people owner to they can create some event or meeting for all employee in deparment , please guide help me


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Hi Tien,

Create a shared mailbox, giving the owners full permissions on the shared mailbox, then open and configure permissions on the calendar.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard : but this way then every mailbox in company will see two mailbox in tab mail ? With this case I can use my mailbox and create group calendar after create new calendar and share with all user in company ? no need create share mailbox .

That is definitely a valid alternative way, however, if you were to ever leave the business then it may need to be created elsewhere

Best, Chris

@Tien Ngo Thanh  Why not create an Office 365 Group instead and add members as you see fit? That way users also get a Group Calendar for free. 

@Andy David :  I had try create one Teams and and open it on sharepoint and get link calendar add to tab channel but when i create event but when login another user then can not see .two user the same team . this link sample


@Tien Ngo Thanh Why not just create a straight-up 365 Group directly? 

@Andy David : because we ready one team for all employee in department  if can then can use this group and remove/add member only one place is microsoft team .and I see when create team then also created one group and it have calendar