How to create rule email to detect html link has in contend email ?

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    I want quarantine these has link email in content please help me define rule email ?

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Hi @Tien Ngo Thanh

What are you trying to do here? Are you referring to links within images? Or are you referring to quarantine any email which has a link in it?

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I guess you are afraid of potentially malicious URLs in emails or office documents. If that's the case, I think the best protection for that is Office 365 ATP Safe Links.

Check this page for more details:

This is getting picked up in Edge and Windows Defender SmartScreen




However, it you want to quarantine those particular emails without ATP/or if they get through ATP then the alternative is to use a Transport Rule (either the sender/IP) to go to quarantine, or put them on the Blacklist. 


Hope that helps


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Actually it protects, as you can see in the picture. And that's the beauty of ATP, it checks the URL each time a user clicks it.



But when i just receive email then safe link not prevent but after that then it prevent .

Thanks for all your support

If you block all the emails containing links, then you'll block a lot of legitimate emails, so I don't think it's a good idea.

I things will continue use safe link and monitor it ,thanks for your support .