How to convert special characters for email addresses

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Hi, not sure if my question belongs here as it is more of an organizational, not technical topic. It is about how to derive email addresses from names in an international company, given that email addresses should not contain special characters (such as German umlauts).


Correct conversion is depending on language (not country). A Swedish guy called "Jörn" would be "Jorn" in 7-bit-ASCII, while a German guy called "Jörg" would be "Joerg". Giving a German person called "Jörg Müller" an email address like email address removed for privacy reasons would sound weird, probably even offensive to Jörg because "Jorg Muller" is definitely not his name. However, if that guy is a Swede, then email address removed for privacy reasons would be wrong and offensive.


Obviously there can't be a fully automated solution for the dilemma, but I'm curious how other international companies address it.


  • Ignore correct rules and use always plain latin character (always convert ö to o)
  • Let HR maintain 7-bit-ASCII version of the name
  • Let HR maintain user's native language and create automated rules based on that
  • Ask user for correct name
  • other


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