How to change ssl for edge ready configured hybrid with office365

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    please guide help me way to change ssl in edge ready configured hybrid with office365

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The procedure is identical to renewal of regular Edge certificates. It helps if you have more than one Edge server, otherwise you are looking at a little downtime as you are recreating the subscription at some point. In short:

  1. Import the new certificate on all Edge server(s) and internal Exchange servers running Exchange Hub Transports / Multi-Roles;
  2. Enable the new certificate for SMTP services (Enable-ExchangeCertificate) on half of the Edge servers (this breaks mail flow for them), and also on internal Exchange Hub Transports / Multi-Roles.
  3. On half of the Edge servers, recreate the subscription document (XML)
  4. Using subscription documents from 3, recreate the Edge subscription on the internal Exchange Hub Transports / Multi-Roles, after removing the existing one.
  5. Start-EdgeSynchronization - mail flow should now switch from 2nd half of Edge servers to 1st half that we touched in step 3
  6. Run Test-EdgeSyncronization to validate
  7. Perform step 2-5 for the 2nd half of the Edge servers

@Michel de Rooij  : i just changed ssl but need running Hybrid Wizard to update new ssl .Thanks your guided

If have error flow email then follow