How to block email reply back email not exist


We have application email but sent to email exist then system auto reply back email notify to sender and it do full mailbox every monthly, How to prevent this email , I try create rule but this rule can not block email Microsooft Outlook from system. we use exchange 2013 and hybrid office 365. this application form on-premise.

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Hello @thanhtien19 


Looking at the message header from an NDR notification email, creating an outlook rule based on message header contains: Content-Type: multipart/report; report-type=delivery-status; should do the trick!



@harveer singh : i try create rule but message not block by rule 




First take a look at the message header of this notification email you received to verify if it shows the exact same string in message content type, next i believe you are trying to create a transport rule, instead of transport rule please try to create a rule from within outlook client.

For a mail flow rule, try header includes words and use just "report-type=delivery-status". Add a condition for the address too, so you don't delete all NDRs.

Is this a shared mailbox? If so, if you create an outlook rule, you need to use a server-side rule. A client-side rule won't work unless you add it as an account.

Is this a send-only mailbox? If so, use a retention policy to delete mail as it ages.

Create a distribution list NoReply(at) with no members and send as this DL.