How to allow users to delete email from group mailbox without giving ownership

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I'd like to find a way to allow users to delete messages from a group mailbox without giving them ownership of the group.  Ownership gives too many other capabilities.  I do realize a shared mailbox would give me more granular permissions capability, but a group comes with other benefits; Teams enabling for starters.  


Any ideas or help would be appreciated.


Here's the use case:

Customer requests flow into the organization through a shared mailbox.  This mailbox is purely for archive purposes and remains untouched.  Mail is forwarded to a group mailbox to allow reps to handle the requests, removing them as they are processed.  It's a small team and the processing time is minimal, so the likelihood of duplicate processing is near non-existent.  Once completed, the group email is removed.   Teams enabling the group allows for insight by management though SharePoint and the combination of SharePoint and forwarding the email to the Teams post/chat thread creates a forum for the team to discuss and resolve complex requests.   Ownership would allow for users to delete Teams threads, mess with the SharePoint Teams site, and with membership.  

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You cannot, at least not currently - only owners can delete messages. Going forward, it will be possible to allow members to do the same, as detailed here:
But for the time being, this is still not released, at least now worldwide.