How to adjust (not set) SCL for incoming messages in Exchange Online

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Setting a specific SCL for an incoming message is easy, but I can't find a way to reduce or increase an SCL based on specific criteria. Is this possible with Exchange Online? If so, how do you do it?


This is a trivial task in every anti-spam product I've ever used except for Exchange/EOP/Defender. 


(Irrelevant, but relevant to a decade-long trend in Microsoft UIs: The Tech Community site has become the most unintuitive, obscure tech forum I have ever seen. The most basic functions are hidden or absent.)

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The only thing that comes close to this is toggling the criteria under "Spam threshold and properties" section, for example "Numeric IP address in URL".
Working with Microsoft products is so frustrating! They offer a billion complicated features that nobody wants but not something simple like this that everyone wants.
Also unrelated to this question, but relevant to the techcommunity interface. How do I get rid of the survey popup? I've clicked the No Thanks button, filled out the survey, ignored still pops back up every few minutes.
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After going back and forth with Microsoft for over a week, I finally got a definitive answer on this question:

"I have finally received a response in regard to your inquiry. It was checked and double checked again to provide you the most accurate answer. No, there is unfortunately no way to subtract 1 from a message's spam score based on the sending domain even with Microsoft 365 Defender. We can only whitelist or set the SCL specifically as you already know. "
Hi Jay,
theoretically you can create a Power Automate flow that will do what you want.