How can I delete more than 100 quarantined emails at a time using PowerShell?

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Hi All,

I currently run a PowerShell script to delete quarantined emails (when my total exceeds 100 emails). Happy to do this, but it seems I can only bulk delete 100 emails at a time. 


Anyone find a work around for this? Will Microsoft come up with a new parameter or option to bulk delete more than 100 at a time.


Reason I ask is because I have had days where a users credentials are compromised, causing the quarantine log to explode (800 - 1800 quarantined emails). Running the script is better than clicking 100 emails at a time, but it would be nice to have the option to delete 'All'.




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Hi @CheWeigand ,

According to my experience, you are limited to 100. I usually re-run the command. Let's hope it changes.


Same here. Running it 8 to 17 times gets old. Would love to know why it's limited to 100.