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Hey Guys,

Have built a home test environment and trying to wrap my head around with Exchange install is 2019 with the Active Directory Domain being 2019.

I have 2 AD sites (as I am testing out possible scenarios for work will expand to 4) 


Site A - DAG Set up called DAG.prototype.local

Site B Single Exchange Node

From my understanding


So my question with how to is as follows:

1.) How do I create the Autodiscover / mail routing address in DNS to be mail.prototype.local for both sites and go to the relevant site?

2.) Same goes for the OWA address

3.) Since Exchange now uses Active Directory Topology I shouldn’t need to create any connectors etc. this correct?

4.) How do I generate a SAN certificate for the names i.e. autodiscover, mail etc.

5.) The idea behind this is that for my possible exchange implementation the site IP comms might go down and be slow (think sub 50mbps for all site traffic) so can't really do a stretched DAG there will be no internet access outside of the network purely isolated. 



Sorry for asking the queries most of the Exchange implementations I've done have been single site with Exchange 2003 /2007 and haven't touched exchange in a bit

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