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Hello community, long story short, i have one user who always asks for more outlook quota, he had 50GB data of mails, i convinced him to start using the online archiving, that bought me some time until he lately came back and said that he is outta of both, mail quota and archive quota, i know that MS offers unlimited storage plan for the online archiving, so i bought exchange online plan 2 for that user, now i ran into a trouble setting the license to that user, on the admin portal it says the following:

"You can't assign licenses that contain these conflicting services: Exchange Online (Plan 1), Exchange Online (Plan 2). Review the services included with each license, and try again."


so again i tried to force the license to that user through powershell and it return with this error:


Set-MsolUserLicense -UserPrincipalName "<userID>" -AddLicenses "EXCHANGEENTERPRISE"


Set-MsolUserLicense : Unable to update license for this user. The set of licenses includes two or more service plans which cannot be assigned at the same time. Conflicting Service Plans:


now im really out of ideas, i thought of canceling all exchange subscription for that particular user and then set the EOP2 for him, but im afraid that he will lose all his emails that are on the online archive. any help would be appreciated .


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As the message says, you cannot have two different Exchange SKUs assigned on the same user. What you should do is remove the plan 1 one, and assign the Plan 2. Do make sure to perform this in a single operation (easily done via the UI) or otherwise there might be a temporary disconnect of the mailbox. As long as you assign another Exchange license, there will be no data loss, don't worry.

Thanks for assuring things, i just did what you suggested and everything looks good so far.